Swift Brickwork Contractors benefit with Causeway Donseed

Chelmsford-based Swift Brickwork Contractors is recognised as one of the UK’s largest and most respected specialist brickwork contractors. The business operates more than 20 live sites with over 500 operatives working across the country. In this case study Swift Brickwork Contractors’ Managing Director, Michael Walsh, Commercial Director, Tony Fawcett and Construction Director, Steve Pease discuss their implementation of the Causeway Donseed Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the impact it’s had.

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What made you start looking at Donseed’s biometric system?

Steve said: “We undetook a study across two large sites that had high resource levels and were also logistically challenging due to the various access points of the sites. It was obvious from those studies that the amount of time being lost at the start of a shift, or short shifts, was a point that our buisness could no longer ignore. I was tasked with going out to the marketplace to find a construction-related biometric system, and Donseed was the stand-out choice.”

How quickly did you see the results of using Donseed?

Steve said: “We rolled-out Donseed on just 2 live sites to start with and just slowly integrated more sites over a short period of time. We  are currently running with 23 tablets. The biggest benefit that we’ve seen immeditately within the business has been a vast improvement in timekeeping, which is making us more efficient and cost-effective as a business.”

What is the main benefit that you get from using Donseed?

Jason said: “The main benefit I get from using Donseed is that we no longer have to fill timesheets out and we know exactly who is on site at all times. [They] just come in to my office where the Donseed tablet is situated, press the button and sign-in. They do the same thing at night, press the button and sign-out.”

Tony said: “From a commercial perspective, the Donseed system provides us with real-time data of our operatives on site within a defined period. In the very rare cases where we have to prove our labour attendance on site, the system provides us with real-time electronic data which can’t be manipulated and that we can then submit to our clients.”

Have you seen any unintended benefits of implementing Donseed?

Steve said: “Having Donseed on site has made us rethink the way we work and manage our resources. We now have the ability to check the resource at a few clicks of the button. It also helps us establish ratios between bricklayers and hod carriers when we are moving resources across our various sites. We have also now added training so at the touch of a few buttons we can see that our sites are suitable manned and we are protected from a health and safety aspect.”

Would you recommend Donseed to another contractor?

Michael said: “Now that we have been running biometrics for some time, the Managers have taken to it like ducks to water to be honest. Effectively it has taken away a whole job that they had to do which has been a massive benefits to the those on site and the benefits are there to be seen. I would certainly recommend Donseed and biometrics to any company.”