Biometric Time and Attendance Software

Our biometric time and attendance systems are utilised across the UK and Ireland by small and large businesses.

Providing you with the data you require in real time, our biometric time and attendance software delivers a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business.

Utilising fingerprint clocking in recognition, our time and attendance software reduces administration burden, overall labour costs and removes human error. With all of your accurate, up to the minute information held securely online via the web platform you can say goodbye to manual time sheets and signing in books. You’ll have immediate access to live and historic data, meaning you can react to any changes with confidence. Our powerful reporting tools can dramatically improve your management information and reporting capabilities, sending you regular email alerts and reducing the need for hard copy documentation. As our software is flexible and tailored to individual business needs, businesses in Retail, Retail Banking, and Rail (amongst others) now all utilise our biometric time and attendance software on a daily basis. Contact us today for a free software demonstration and get Donseed working for you.

Key features including payroll reporting and email alerts

Our time and attendance solution covers every aspect of workplace management and is flexible to suit your organisation – you can implement just one or a combination of our modules. In addition to time and attendance tracking, the modules include reporting, health and safety compliance, cloud-based document storage, automated email alerts, carbon capture and training and qualifications. Please use the tabs below to see how you can benefit through our integrated modules.

Health and Safety Module

The Health and Safety Module can minimise your exposure to Health and Safety risks, ensuring your business is legally covered and leading the way with exceptional compliance management. A lack of accurate records means you can’t guarantee you’re legally covered in the event of an accident or investigation. Donseed prompts users to location specific Health and Safety questions which can be managed and controlled via the cloud. On larger sites, Donseed allows you to set up different zones around the site, allowing only those with the correct authorisation to enter.

Payroll and Reporting Module

However prepared you are, as soon as workers, deliveries, professionals and visitors get involved on your site, risks pop up at every stage and valuable data can be fragmented and invisible when you need it. The Reporting Module gives you deep insight to your data, allowing you to make informed decisions when they are needed. All of the accurate, up to the minute information is held securely in the cloud, ensuring it is always available to your team and stakeholders via the web platform. And with immediate access to live and historic data, you can react to any changes to the project program with confidence.

Key reports include:

  • Weekly payroll summary
  • Timesheet summary report
  • Carbon capture & 106 reports
  • Contractor summary report

All of your reports can be exported as CSV, Excel, PDF and lots of other file formats. Many customers are able to export from the Donseed Web Portal and import their payroll information straight into their payroll system.

Automated Alerts Module

The Automated Alerts Module allows you to set up and manage key information to be sent straight to your inbox. You can set up an individual or group which you want to receive specific information via email on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This reduces the need to sign in to our web portal to access your information, especially if it is the same report you want on a regular basis or across multiple projects.

Popular automated alerts include:

  • Non sign outs
  • Number of workers live on site
  • Hours reports
  • First aid ratios
Training and Qualifications Module

The Qualifications and Training Module allows you to record a range of qualifications and training information against an individual’s record. In conjunction with the Cloud-Based Document Storage Module you can upload that individual’s certification and other evidence to be kept on record. This module enables you to replace your manually updated training records spreadsheet for a cloud-bases system. As it also links with the Automated Alerts Module, you’ll be able to set alerts to remind you when renewal dates are approaching or when certificates have expired. With this module, there should never be an issue with certification expiring and operatives not complying with relevant site legislation. We are a proud CSCS IT Partner, meaning that all CSCS cards can be authenticated through the Donseed biometric systems to ensure that workers are who they say they are and that their cards are genuine.

Document Management Module

Donseed’s Document Management Module has been developed to allow you to manage your health and safety, employee skills, training and qualification documentation. Reducing the need for hard copy documentation the Donseed system allows you to:

  • Add required documents for organisation (your own), sites, contracts and employees
  • Give your sub-contractors and consultants access to the Donseed system so that they can load their own information
  • Share documents with some or all organisations that have a contract on your site
  • Send email notification to a selected person / people informing them that a document or folder has been added at site or contract level
  • Manage employee skills documentation (both your own and your sub-contractors’ employees)
Carbon Capture Module

The Carbon Capture Module takes care of measuring, monitoring and reporting on all journeys to and from your sites and gives you accurate, real time data and reporting. With CO2 reporting now a necessity for many local authorities and clients focusing on green projects, capturing accurate data and producing detailed reports on your carbon footprint is an important project task. To report on your carbon output, you must accurately track all of the journeys to your site and include detailed information including where someone has come from, the number of times they have visited the site, the mode of transport and the miles they have covered. With Donseed’s powerful Carbon Capture Module technology, you can easily calculate your carbon output in real time, giving you an up to date overview of the environmental impact as your project progresses. The Carbon Capture Module extracts intelligence from real time biometric data collected at the point of site entry and exit. The flexible system will also allow your users to input or update their travel plans by logging in remotely, ensuring up to date information. With all of your current and historic data held in the cloud, you can support your bids for new projects with examples of your carbon management. Simply access your data at any time via the web platform and your past records and reporting options are just a click or two away.