Delivery Management Software

Use our online Delivery Management Software to manage deliveries across multiple sites in your portfolio.

Our Delivery Management Software is an easy to use online system for both suppliers and site managers to book, manage and record deliveries across multiple sites.

The cloud-based software allows a firm’s supply chain to log into an online system where they can book and manage deliveries to multiple sites across their portfolio. In addition, project details such as which equipment is available at specific delivery gates allows companies and suppliers to efficiently self-manage and co-ordinate deliveries in one place. The Delivery Management Software has been designed to facilitate the efficient and safe off-loading of materials from the agreed arrival time right through to the equipment needed to move it to its final location on site. Once a delivery request is made by one of your suppliers, the system will automatically send you an email and reserve a diary slot. You can then accept, edit or reject any of these requests, allowing you to carefully plan, co-ordinate and report on all site-based logistics. Suppliers are also able to enter additional information that might be required by the site, such as specific instructions or missing items. The system even calculates businesses travel for carbon emissions purposes for business who need to collect this information.

Williams Southern Limited, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance
Barratt London, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance
Brookfield Multiplex, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance
Redrow Homes, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance

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