Sanderson reduce agency costs by 25% with Donseed


Sanderson are based in Castleford and have been formed for 20 years. They work on refurbishments and new builds with values between £50k and £10million. In this case study Sanderson’s Commercial Director, Andrew Kneeshaw, and Commercial Manager, Rebecca Wardlaw-Pearson, discuss their implementation of  Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the benefits they have realised across the business.

Based in Castleford
New Build and Refurbishment Contractor

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How quickly did you see that Donseed was going to be of value?

Andrew said: “The initial trial of Donseed on site brought us great results really. The agency workers that had historically been booking 12 hours, we saw them down to 8 hours or 9 hours. Just from a clocking hours point of view it was fairly clear that Donseed was going to be beneficial for us. We signed up for straight away, and the setting up of the units was incredibly easy.”

What was the transition from paper to biometrics like on site?

Andrew said: “During the implementation stage of Donseed and through the initial teething problems we found Donseed very helpful and certainly saw Donseed as a partner.”

Have you calculated the financial savings of implementing Donseed?

Andrew said: “In the year that we’ve had the system it has certainly paid for itself. The savings have been considerable. As a proportion we are probably saving 25% on agencies across the board. With the way our business is growing and as we are using more agency labour it will probably have a £500,000 benefit per year for us.”

Have you seen any unintended benefits of implementing Donseed?

Rebecca said: “Initially we set the system up for biometric time and attendance, but as it has progressed we have realised we can use it for keeping data on qualifications, CSCS cards and asbestos awareness. We keep a record of all the accreditations are guys have got and then use the alerts to make sure that everyone on our sites are adequately qualified to be there. As a company we now log into the Donseed system on a daily basis, from accounts to us in the commercial team or health and safety at least one of us will be on the system.”

Would you recommend Donseed to another contractor?

Andrew said: “I think for a company of our size, the implementation of Donseed has had a massive impact on the profitability on the labour element of the costs of the jobs.”

Rebecca said: “I would recommend it to any company for Donseed to be part of their digital transformation strategy.”