Murray & Willis reap the benefits with Causeway Donseed on site

Staffordshire-based Murray & Willis are specialised refurbishment contractors who have grown considerably in recent years and now work on projects of up to £6,000,000. In this case study Murray & Willis’ Chairman, Nigel Clempson, Senior Contracts Manager, Emma Brookes, Finance Director, Declan Dwyer, Senior HS&E Manager, Dave Jackson and HR & Training Manager, Dawn Clempson discuss their implementation of  Causeway Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the benefits they have seen.

Murray & Willis
Based in Staffordshire
Fit Out and Refurbishment Contractor

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What made you start looking at Donseed’s biometric system?

Nigel said: “We had a job go pretty poorly in London. It just felt wrong from a costing point of view; we knew what the out-turn labour cost should have been. Then we asked Donseed to come in and show us what they could do. Donseed being a cloud-based system suited us, and it quickly became apparent that it was something that helped us as a company.”

Have you calculated the financial savings of implementing Donseed?

Declan said: “We have compared the first nine months of 2017 to the first nine months of 2018 and we have seen considerable cost savings. Agency labour has decreased by 20 – 25%. It has been a significant amount of money. In terms of benefit for Murray & Willis and the timescale, certainty within the first job. After that first job it had paid for itself. For all those agency people already built into the system, it tells them what they have to invoice us as opposed to before where they would invoice us based on what their team was filling in on the timesheets.”

Have you seen any unintended benefits of implementing Donseed?

Emma said: “From a Contract Manager’s perspective, it just means that when we get onto site there is no messing around looking for a signing-in book. I now have much more control over the labour that is on site. The biggest benefit for me of having Donseed on site is that I can see the live data at any time I request, anywhere in the country (via the portal in the cloud).”

What impact has Donseed had on the way you manage health and safety?

Dave said: “Donseed has certainly helped myself as an individual with how we manage safety. It allows us to check that the right people are in the right place at the right time.”

Emma said: “The alerts benefit of Donseed is incredible useful. For example, I will get a first aid alert when it reaches a certain time and no one is signed in on site with first aid training.”

What are the biggest benefits you get from Donseed?

Dawn said: “Donseed has really streamlined our paperwork. The assistance is has given each department and the way it has streamlined a number of reporting systems in regards to accounts, health and safety and certainly the commercial department, I would highly recommend it and secondly the customer support team have been second to none.”

Nigel said: “The biggest benefit that Murray & Willis get from Donseed is the control of agency labour costs and the implementation of health and safety on site.”