Mitchellson estimate £100k savings with Causeway Donseed

Mitchellson Formwork and Civil Eng. Ltd, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance

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Long-standing users of Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution Mitchellson Formwork & Civil Engineering Ltd explain why they replaced paper timesheets with a biometric solution. “Donseed has a range of potential benefits for our business,” said Liam Donoher, Company Accountant at Mitchellson.

He added: “The system enables us to resolve a lot of wage queries quickly and easily as it gives us a huge amount of information; we know who is onsite and when. The financial savings are hard to calculate but I would be confident in saying that we save in excess of one hundred thousand pounds per annum by using Donseed.”

“It also has a nice health and safety tool. We keep individual records for each of our employees and subcontractors on the system, which has helped our health and safety teams considerably. Where accidents have occurred onsite, the team has been able to quickly gain access to up-to-date employee details, Next of Kin contacts and other key information.”

Mitchellson have found that informing clients that they use Donseed’s biometric solution can help support bids for new projects.