KW Bell Group reduce administration time with Causeway Donseed on site

Gloucestershire-based KW Bell Group, which started work as a one-man bricklaying contractor, has grown into an organisation with a workforce of over 300 operatives on site. In this case study KW Bell Group’s Business Development and Safety Director, Nicola Bird, Financial Controller, Gareth Hunt, Skills Development Manager, Louise Dawson and Site Manager, Dave Bird, discuss their implementation of the Causeway Donseed Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the benefits they’ve achieved.

Based in Gloucestershire
Building Contractor, Groundworks and Developer

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What made you start looking at implementing a biometric system?

Nicola said: “The introduction of new technologies is a massive feature for us at the moment, and over the last three years we have invested a good part of £2.5million into the business. [We looking into a biometric system because] paper timesheets just seemed so old fashioned compared to the new technologies that we were bringing into the business.”

How quickly did you see the results of using Donseed?

Gareth said: “Coming away from paper timesheets has been a god send. The information is accurate, it can be extracted at any point in time and therefore we never have any gaps in our payroll. The ease of being able to export and import into our payroll can change what was two days work into a matter of two hours work. We are confident of a return on investment.”

Have you seen any unintended benefits of implementing Donseed?

Nicola said: “As a company we want to try and take as much risk out of the business as possible. With the introduction of new technologies and the biometric system, this allows us to do that. Taking some control and some of the risk away from the Site Managers so they are not having to remember who was there, on what day has taken that ambiguity away completely.”

Have you seen any unintended benefits of implementing Donseed?

Louise said: “As Skills Development Manager, I primarily use Donseed to manage training certfification for the operatives on site and for apprenticeship payroll. Before Donseed was implemented, having a paper system was becoming more and more challenging with the number of operatives the business has on site.”

Would you recommend Donseed to another contractor?

Nicola said: “Donseed was chosen because of the easy installation and the easy way that we can use it. The devices are really simple and easy-to-use on site; signing-in and signing-out takes about 6 seconds per person. I had no problems in selling it [Donseed] to our workforce and they are really happy to use it. I would definitely recommend Donseed.”