Management solutions and time and attendance systems for retail banking

The Donseed biometric time and attendance solution is tailored to the Retail Banking sector. For any Bank, security is a number one priority so to be able to accurately track and monitor real-time time and attendance across all of your branch locations using biometric identification is extremely important.

Our unique solution will let you know who is on-site at any given time and be able to account accurately for work schedules, overtime and performance. With accurate data you are able to monitor and measure the performance of any contractor in any of your locations at any time, whilst protecting customer security and risk of any fraudulent behaviour. All of this information is available real-time via our Web Portal, which you can access on any device that has internet access. You can also set up either daily or weekly automatic email alerts. We can introduce you, after security and NDA clearance, to our Retail Banking customers who are benefiting from Donseed everyday. Contact us today for a free software demonstration.