GCL estimate £3million saving by using Donseed

GCL, Donseed Biometric Time and Attendance

GCL provide the construction industry with a wide range of services. In this case study Trevor Diviney, Managing Director; Graham Payne, Finance Director; and Pat Devan, Site Manager, discuss their implementation of  Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the benefits they have realised across different business departments.

GCL Groundworks
Based in Welwyn Garden City
Groundworks Contractor

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Could you tell us a bit about GCL and why you were looking for a biometric system?

Trevor: “Within GCL we have nearly eight hundred people working for us onsite. We offer large scale groundworks and intrinsic quick frame packages across London and the home counties. With the growth of the business things had to change, we had to find a different method of doing things.”

What have been the financial savings to date?

Graham: “Donseed gives us a huge amount of information; who was on site, exact hours they worked. We can then apply wages to those hours to see where exactly we are spending money and compare that to the budget. I would say that Donseed saves us 10 – 15% on the labour costs, which would equate to about three million pounds in a year.”

How did you implement the system on site?

Pat: “One of the main benefits for us on site, is that the operatives know that they have to clock in and out – if they don’t there is a penalty. The penalty is that their wages will be wrong. I find this a huge advantage to ensure that the laborers are at their work place when they are supposed to be and not leaving until they are supposed to.”

What has the reaction from the site workers been like?

Pat: “The majority of the workers welcomed it because they knew that they were responsible for generating their own wages.”

Would you recommend the Donseed system?

Pat: “I would recommend the Donseed system because it is so simple to use, you can literally use it anywhere with an internet connection.”

Trevor: “I would certainly recommend Donseed to any businesses that are paying a high number of people by the hour, on remote sites, across a wide geographical area.”