Fileturn uses the Causeway Donseed solution as a health and safety tool on site

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Fit-out specialists Fileturn talks about how they use Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution on sites and the benefits they are gaining.

Fileturn has supplied high quality interior fit-outs, refurbishments and construction services to a wide range of high profile clients for more than 30 years.

They provide Principal Contractor services across the UK market place, in the most demanding of sectors such as hospitality, leisure, banking and retail.

“As Fileturn has grown we’ve realised that we needed to invest in a biometric system to move us forward to become more of a slicker, professional organisation that had more control and management of our workforce. When Fileturn were looking at the procurement of a biometric system we did look at many, many other companies. We also had the opportunity of looking at our past endeavors where we had used another biometric system before and saw their failings and what we wanted from a new system”, Fileturn said.

“The transition between the paper signing in records that we used to employ and then changing over to the biometric system was very, very easy and straightforward. So from a quantity surveyor’s point of view they then have a full control of the costs and management of the workforce on a daily basis.”

“Initially onsite we could see that the site manager’s were slightly apprehensive and there was some resistance against a new system that they knew nothing about. But very quickly they realised that they could benefit from the system. So we noticed immediately that we were saving money on each site and in fact it was paying for itself per site because it meant that the site managers no longer had to signoff or produce their own timesheets to the subcontractors on a weekly basis.”

“Fileturn found that the system offered a lot of health and safety benefits, this included a signing of an induction process by an individual on the system itself. One of the other benefits is that we have been provided with a dedicated account manager with fantastic technical support when we need them. With any contractor that is contemplating changing over to a biometric workforce management solution I would thoroughly recommend this for the ease of use of it and the time saving benefits that it has given to this company.”