Free Webinar: How Technology can Help Ensure Agency Staff are Working Safety and Efficiently

The third in a series of free Donseed webinars designed for both contractors and clients within the construction industry

Thursday 23rd May 2019 (12:00pm – 12:30pm) BST

In this free webinar, our expert presenter will explore how biometric technology can help you better manage your labour agencies and sub-contractors working on site (focusing on site attendances and worker safety). The webinar will last just 30 mins and focus on:

  1. The rising risks of an indirect workforce
  2. Improving safety and controlling project costs
  3. The benefits of using biometric identification
  4. Questions and answers

Your Expert Presenter

Paul Nagle, Commercial Manager
Paul is an experienced IT applications specialist, having worked in the construction software industry for a number of years. Paul has a deep understanding of the benefits of using biometric time and attendance software solutions on transient construction sites.

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