ECL Civil Engineering improve safety with Causeway Donseed

Bedfordshire-based ECL Civil Engineering is a premier civil engineering contractor with a turnover in excess of £100 million. The business operates more than 60 live sites with over 600 operatives working. In this case study ECL Civil Engineering’s Operations Director, Steve Harper, Health and Safety Director, Barry Wright, Payroll Manager, Patricia Stonehewer and Site Manager, Kieran Devane discuss their implementation of Causeway Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution and the benefits they’ve seen.

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What made you start looking at Donseed’s biometric system?

Steve said: “Paper timesheets would very often get to the office late, they would sometimes be ineligible and the names didn’t necessarily reflect the computer system. I’d had the benefit of using biometrics before, trialling a number of different systems, and I’d always found Donseed to be the best. Donseed seem to specialise in construction and it’s not all about the time and attendance; it isn’t just a clocking-in clock. Behind the scenes and the software that’s available tells us in Head Office that we are compliant at all times.”

What is the enrolment process for new operatives joining?

Barry said: “When a new operative joins ECL they attend Head Office to receive a company induction. At this time we are able to check their competences, training levels and also their right to work. All of this information is updated on the Donseed system which ensures that the operative that turns up on site has received all of this information prior to being put to work.”

What impact has Donseed had on the way you manage health and safety?

Barry said: “It alerts me when there is no site manager or first aider on site so we can check why we haven’t got those operatives on site. The biggest benefit that I get from using Donseed is the reassurance that all of our sites are legally compliant with site managers, first aiders and that everyone that is on site has received a site-specific induction.”

What has the impact on the payroll process been?

Patricia said: “Going to Donseed from the paper timesheets has made the payroll process so much more efficient. From a payroll perspective, it is very easy to use and I do not now rely on people sending through their timesheets. I’ve got instant information in front of me so I can download the times and start processing the payroll.”

Steve said: “I suppose the real benefit, the financial benefit that we have seen straight away, is that it’s sharpened up the timekeeping on site. If you are operating on multiple sites and the movement of labour is both midweek and at the end of it week it is essential.”

What other benefits do you get from using Donseed?

Steve said: “One of the other advantages Donseed has brought to the business is the efficiency in tracking the resource. Now I can log in and know where all of my resources are.”