Carey London reduce payroll errors with Causeway Donseed

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Enda Cosgrove, Director at Carey London Ltd, talks about how impressed he has been with the results since introducing Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution.

Could you tell us a bit about why you were looking for a time and attendance system?

We wanted to eliminate as many errors as possible on timesheets, reduce wage queries and monitor the number of operatives on each of our sites on a daily basis.

We had looked at a few other systems but Donseed was the only cloud-based solution we could find that allowed us to look at our data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why did you choose Donseed?

We were really impressed by Donseed during the demonstration of their system.

They were also working with companies similar to ourselves and they seemed to have a solution for a lot of the things we wanted to improve on.

What have the benefits been for your business?

We have definitely seen the number of timesheet errors reduced completely, which was our main aim when introducing Donseed. We are also now in the process of uploading our full training records onto the system and, as we have already seen, this will dramatically reduce our administration workload when fully operational.

How did you implement the system on site?

Setting up the Donseed system on site was relatively straightforward.

Training our Project Manager didn’t take long at all and we had all of our operatives enrolled on each site within 30 minutes.

Would you recommend the Donseed system?

I would definitely recommend Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution.