Brickworks contractor Midcliff Ltd to use Donseed

Brickworks contractor Midcliff Ltd have replaced their paper-based timesheet process with Donseed’s Biometric Workforce Management Solution as the company looks to manage site attendance using biometric identification. Following a successful four-week on site trial, Donseed’s software solution will now be used to record accurate site attendance with biometrics.

Family-owned Midcliff Ltd, who are based in Bedfordshire, have over 40 years of experience of bricklaying within the construction industry and have gained extensive expertise in the various construction methods ranging from traditional brick and block constructions to the external masonry cladding to timber, metal or “metsec” framed buildings.

Tim Cook, Senior Sales Manager at Donseed, said: “We are delighted to welcome Midcliff Ltd as the latest brickworks contractor to use Donseed on site. With an objective of managing the time and attendance of operatives on site, I am confident that the team at Midcliff Ltd will achieve what they want from Donseed and I look forward to seeing how they use the software.”

Midcliff Ltd.