In this update we bring you the latest improvements and releases to our software.

Reports2New Payroll Report

This report has been developed to meet additional payroll requirements. The report will output normal time and overtime 1,2 & 3 for each individual depending on working shifts assigned. It also calculates totals (decimal hours) for each column depending on a selected date range.

Where: Available in the ‘Individuals’ section in the ‘Reports Manager’


New Individual Location Report

This report allows the user to view an individual’s project location on any given day over a selected date range.

Where: Available in the ‘Individuals’ section in the ‘Reports Manager’


TradesNew Trades Dashboard

Provides a breakdown of individual trades on-site and total hours by project and by trade, and visually through pie chart and geographical location.

Where: On the new ‘Trades’ tab


Our updates are often the result of valuable feedback from our customers, so if there is something that you feel would help you get more out our software please email