Donseed, the pioneer in site roster control software, has announced that John Sisk & Son, part of international construction company SISK Group, has chosen Donseed’s Delivery Management System for handling on-site deliveries at a major construction site in the City of London. By automating delivery-related processes and making all relevant information available online, the solution enables Sisk and its suppliers to efficiently manage and co-ordinate deliveries – from agreed arrival time through to the equipment needed to move it to its final location.

Situated at 1 Commercial Street near Aldgate East London Underground Station, Sisk’s site covers a large area and has three delivery gates opening onto two arterial roads. With an average of six deliveries each day it is essential that heavy goods vehicles arrive promptly at the right location. With Donseed’s Delivery Management System, any company in the firm’s supply chain can login securely online, book and manage deliveries, and access project details such as which equipment is available at each delivery gate, or any specific instructions or missing items that might be required. A traffic light system provides an instant view of confirmed, pending and declined requests, while delivery notes can be printed out by suppliers with instructions for drivers.

“1 Commercial Street is an extremely busy junction, so the efficient and safe off-loading of materials is essential to avoid site traffic adding to the local congestion,” says Phil Teal, Logistics Manager, John Sisk & Son. “Donseed’s Delivery Management System provides a simple yet effective solution for ensuring all deliveries arrive on site at the agreed time, day and location, helping us to keep site disruption to a minimum. We are now working closely with Donseed to further enhance the system and have also recommended it to other sites.”

Sisk also uses Donseed’s cloud-based Site Roster Control software to manage site access at 1 Commercial Street, including identifying and logging all workers on site and ensuring health and safety compliance. Donseed’s Delivery Management System integrates seamlessly with Site Roster Control, which means the entire management of personnel and materials can be performed from one place.

“We developed the Delivery Management System in response to customer demand as a practical solution for planning, coordinating and reporting on all site-based logistics,” adds Ollie McGovern, Managing Director, Donseed. “As well as helping firms track deliveries and improve efficiency, the solution is also proving extremely popular with subcontractors and suppliers, as it improves efficiency for them too. For example, alerts can be set up to automatically notify management or suppliers of any changes to delivery details, while the system can also calculate business travel for carbon emissions for those that need it.”

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