Digitising Labour Management for SME Contractors with the Donseed Mobile App

Discover how digital solutions are fast enabling SME contractors to better manage their workforce

The Donseed mobile app solution, a product of Causeway Technologies Ltd, promises significant opportunities for SME contractors looking to digitise their labour management.

The app uses GPS, facial capture and security code to provide identity at point of sign-in and sign-out and can be used stand alone or alongside Donseed’s biometric solution. This data is securely stored in the cloud, allowing customers to manage attendance by location or poject. It also helps to ensure personnel are compliant with health and safety.

Peter Gillibrand, Project Manager and CRE at Woodlands Site Services, said: “We have deployed in excess of 20 Donseed mobile app licenses across the business. Introducing the Donseed mobile app has enabled our business to completely remove paper timesheets. No matter how small our projects are or the number of operatives we have on site, the business now has complete visibility of who was on site, hours worked and more.”

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